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A map of the coast of Provence, namely the Iles d'Hyères, where the Spanish thought the Dutch were about to establish a permanent naval base in the 1610s. (AGS)

Besides that, you can enjoy also the following series of maps and views.

A sixteenth century view of the North African Coast and Strait of Gibraltar.

William Borough (Sir Francis Drake's second-in-command). Cadiz harbour, showing Spanish and English dispositions during Drakes' raid of 29 April 1587.

A view of the Anglo-Dutch attack against Cadiz in 1596.

A modern picture of Cadiz's wall (XVIIth century). San Sebastián Castle.



* A Cartography of the Spanish embargoes of the sixteenth and seventeenth century (1574, 1585-90, 1595-96, 1598-1608, 1621-1648). All of them coming from my own research.


Maps from all periods (6.200 B.C. to 1800 A.D.)

Historic Maps of Dutch Cartographers.

Janssonius 1658.

Peter van der Krogt's homepage.

Medieval and Modern Maps of Tournai.

Historical Maps from Brabant.

West-Friesland map. It contains also several links to other map servers.

Bodelian Library Map room, also known as THE MAP CASE. A gallery of map and map-related images.

The History of Cartography project. U. Wisconsin

Cultural Maps and you better follow the Historical Geography section, namely the exhibition: Exploring the West from Monticello: A Perspective in Maps from Columbus to Lewis and Clark

Perry Castañeda's Library Map Collection.

A few pages containing information about cartographic meeting, exhibitions, etc. at 

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