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The 17th

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The 17th is Gateway to the Renaissance & 17th Century on the Net.

The content has not been updated recently, but there are many things hidden in there.


Planeta Mendoza

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The Mendoza, poderosos señores page covers various aspects of the noble Castilian house: Infantado, Pastrana, Mondéjar.


Relaciones Topográficas de Felipe II

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The “Centro de Estudios de Castilla la Mancha” hosts a good collection of on-line primary and secondary sources. Among others users will find direct access to the “Relaciones Topográficas” requested by Philip II for the provinces of Ciudad Real, Guadalajara, and Toledo.

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‘Ricardo Wall, the forgotten minister’

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‘Ricardo Wall, the forgotten minister’ is a web project by Diego Téllez Alarcia and the University of La Rioja. The site provides a great overview of Wall’s biography, as well as a good collection of transcribed sources and documents coming from Spanish archives.


A digital palace for the Planet King (Philip IV)

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As part of a former exhibition on El Palacio del Rey Planeta: Felipe IV y El Retiro, the Museo del Prado website provides a digital reconstruction in flash of the Salon de Reinos.


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