How can I contribute?

Wednesday, 11 October 2006 01:10 ILM

In order to provide users with a useful facility, the History Network will have to grow, and it can do so only if new volunteers will join us, either bringing their pre-existing site, or creating a new one, to be integrated into the Network. Such sites may consist of indexes for countries, eras, or topics already listed on the Central Catalogue or new ones to be added to the Central Catalogue's listings. In addition, some sites already participating cover extensive areas, and a new member might, with the agreement first of the site operator and secondly of the members of the History Network as a whole, undertake to maintain a site to cover some part of the site already in operation.

Volunteers must realize, however, that the History Network is, and will remain, unfunded. The WWW-VL council will be working to develop facilities and acquire support for WWW-VL as a whole, and some room can be found to host new sites, but the History Network will not, as an organization, be seeking funds nor accepting advertisements with the possible exception of a discreet pointer to the sponsor of a site. In spite of being unfunded, it is important that, however the owner might arrange it, sites integrated into the network be as stable, permanent, and well-maintained as possible.

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