How and where is it organised?

Wednesday, 11 October 2006 15:14 ILM

The Central Catalogue of the History Network is located at the European University Institute in Florence (Italy).

The Central Catalogue provides direct links to network sites through its index and maintains a large number of files of pointers for countries, periods, and subject for which there is not yet a member site. Network sites will increasingly supplement their own indexes by linking to appropriate sections of other member sites.

The History Network collectively and its member sites individually, are members of WWW-VL, and each maintainer of a network site is a virtual librarian of WWW- VL. All maintainers are therefore equal, and decisions are reached through discussion and mutual agreement, although this does not preclude the possibility that the members may choose a more formal organization in the future. The History Network intends to decide what sites and maintainers it will integrate and to endorse the acceptance by WWW-VL of those sites and individuals it invites to participate. Beyond that, the members of the Network hope to govern their own activities, but to adhere to the standards of WWW-VL and to participate in that organization as actively and as fully as possible. It is our hope that WWW-VL as a whole will adopt the organization being developed by the History Network and become federal in structure with the History Network only one of a number of cooperating networks.

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